Welcome Bridge heads!

Welcome to the Setting Trick!  The world's premier bridge podcast.  Hosted by bridge enthusiast John Mcallister, The Setting Trick takes an in depth look into the minds of some of the world's greatest players and their approach to the game. 

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"The Setting trick is BLANK... "

-Will Paxton, Media Specialist


Can't Get Enough Bridge???

  If you still need more bridge after listening to The Setting Trick head over here to take a look at Double Dummy.  Double Dummy is a feature length documentary about the USA youth bridge team's journey to Taicang, China.   write some more of thisssssss oaiubfpqngpiangpaiergpaergpaeiurgpaergpaeirhgeirhgaoeihrg[oaierg[oiaergoie  aeirgu  aergiuer ergpuierg aerpgiuaerg  argiuaerg  

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